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Governor holds out hope

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Posted on Thu, Apr. 29, 2004




Governor holds out hope for Marlins funding in Capitol



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TALLAHASSEE - Gov. Jeb Bush held out the possibility Thursday that the Florida Marlins could yet score a miracle and get help from the Legislature to build a new stadium.


The team is seeking a $60 million tax rebate over 30 years from the state, but has had little luck in Tallahassee, where leaders of the House or Senate have said they will not support a tax break for the Marlins this year.


Asked about the fact that the team has apparently struck out at the Capitol, Bush shot back:


''How do you know? There's still hope,'' Bush said, pausing on his way to a Cabinet meeting. ``They keep winning, there's a chance.''


Bush said he shares fears that the team could chose to leave Florida.


''I'm concerned,'' he said. ``The team hasn't been on a sound financial footing because of the lack of a stadium, they've had some problems. They had poor attendance, too, I might add, but that's changed now. So yes, I'm concerned about that.


Bush said he wasn't ''begrudging'' the Legislature for ``not embracing this concept, because the details are few and it was proposed pretty late in the game.''


He said he has made his case to the Legislature, ``telling the president [of the Senate] particularly, that I do support this proposal. It is equitable.''

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This confuses me do they have to have the money upfront. I doubt the entire 325 mil will come in right away. Why don't they use the naming rights to get another 30+ million

because maybe they dont want to use those extra 30 million just in case the stadium cost more than they expect, or maybe they want to use it for the garage.

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