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Tidbit on Gracesqui

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Marlin's big league debut provides thrill for dad, too


By David Kiefer


Mercury News



Moments after relief pitcher Franklyn Gracesqui got the word that he would be called up to the Florida Marlins from Triple-A Albuquerque, he called his father, Fausto.


He heard nothing on the other end. His father was speechless.


Fausto, a Dominican immigrant living in New York, immediately made plans to fly to San Francisco for Florida's game against the Giants at SBC Park on Thursday but knew he wouldn't arrive until the late innings.


Gracesqui didn't anticipate a chance to enter the game, but when closer Armando Benitez, who recently tied Robb Nen's record with his 10th save in a month, asked for the day off, Gracesqui was given an opportunity to make his big league debut.


As Gracesqui, a 24-year-old left-hander, warmed up in the bullpen with the Marlins holding a 4-3 lead, he heard a scream from the stands. He turned toward the sound and saw his father, who had just arrived.


``I looked at him and his eyes were raw,'' Gracesqui said. ``He was crying.''


Gracesqui made the trip worth it by entering the game with two out and striking out Michael Tucker with a runner on third to end the game.





Good for him, I was a fan of his during S.T. hoping to see him get a chance, I'm glad he's taking advantage of it...

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