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Interesting article on Hee Seop

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pik The candle Choe Hui Sub (25Florida) this every day it distinguishes the sense homerun gun.


leyng 30th (below Korean hour) San Francisco sleeping slang chu William relative selection my ROM su from the month homerun in Jig one which grows it showed off the overwhelming power of the recording,3 condition continuous homerun from former second other three.

Season 8 homeruns which will come. Most huy Sub until before last year April 16th Anahaim total sprouting 18th Cincinnati draws 3 condition continuous arches and there is an enemy whom it puts out this time the second 3 game continuous homeruns.


When am_kak or seeing a power, last year and the comparison as will not become became the RAID of Ub.


The face is quick first of all considerably.


It drew the arch of 8 things already and it did a last year homerun possibility and the shoulder in line.


Most huy Sub in homerun 8 thing after face which hits last year April 5 thing but fell suddenly and until July it stopped.


This year all is the count which cleans at only the month when it begins performance.


If with currently continuously it maintains the same face, the season when it will come there is a possibility also the homerun above 50 seeing.


30th present time it puts out, widely from that homerun lace 4 place volume. There is a water service which will hold cheap 1 place American league ramyon.


lis In the wun ttuy the point came to be strong is the thing considerably in the left hand pitcher.


Most huy Sub left wan pu slang phwu to the reel su left month su li len snatched an arch from before Colorado which is opened from the 29th khwu earth field the homerun in the left pitcher at the season first which will come it recorded.




ccey The ang_cem it seems and with the fact that also the departure for battle chance will increase far it is visible.


During that time the jack every height Un supervision when the left pitcher appeared, with Wil nose place and most huy excluded Sub thoroughly and it appointed it came.


The many sides where the departure for battle chance increases a justly it will be able to expect more long hit.


The bell tip the season charm point where also the victory and defeat nature which is outrider opthalmology surplus will come. Most huy Sub does not shake strike-out from 30th condition first other three but entirely, it continues the candle nine Hus swing after ball from second other three not to be and 3 it holds but after picking out, 5 ninth tube others, it passed over wall chapter.


Also comes out with the typical grass heater and the boat which is confidence thing it is a reason whose also it is important to do.


8 homerun middle predominance homeruns are held 7 but.




om phase diagram the climax. To last year the Yankee su before (the grass time May like that it does not become the whole family in June 8th) cerebral concussion event, to this year but spouting with the battle muscular and it hardens with the thread one southern sea winter training which sprouts and position from the season opening the homerun gun it sprouts tree it is.


From what it seems, the tree shows much power in huy Sub's swing.


Link huy Sub

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Guest markotsay7

From Yoda....


The same guy that brought you GuyleDouche's signature...


It's an exciting new piece of literary work... "huy Sub!"

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