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Smackdown 5/13


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Smackdown Thoughts:


The only thing that made the opening match worthwhile was the hanging DDT....Kurt is so "blah" as the GM....Goodbye Hirohito, hello Kenzo Suzuki....Now I remember why Jacqueline never gets mic time....It's pretty sad when Chavo Classic is the best thing about Smackdown these days....Well, at least Booker has got momentum heading into the PPV....


Decent Eddie/Bradshaw angle, but it's not going to make people buy the PPV....Oh God, neither is the Tag Title Match....Or the women's match!!....Dupree seems to lose his accent in mid-sentence....Cena v.s Sakoda was, well, there....I really hate WWE using cruiserweights as bumping machines for big men, especially someone with some cred like Rey, one of the few cruisers that has any left....A "whatever" Smackdown.


This was the last show watching with my friends from college, as tomorrow is my last day. I'll probably come back up this weekend to watch the PPV (I'm a glutton for punishment I guess). I wouldn't watch it if I had to pay for it though.

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