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Dontrelle On I,Max


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1) Said he isn't the best Marlins pitcher.


2) He's Mr. Aw Shucks.


3) "Dontrelle is inconsistent" D-Train said it's an opinion and he always bounces back. He loves the game. Starter or BP guy, he loves competing.


4) Marlins rotation is ranked high. Can compete with anyone.


5) Doesn't like hitting everyday. Punch hitting is hard. He was nervous for the first time ever when he pinch hit against the Cards.


6) Win a WS and Marlins are still anonymous. D-Train said he doesn't know why but they don't think so.


7) Doesn't say anything bad about anyone. Not at the top of his head.


8) Dontrelle says his high leg kick is comfortable.


9) Max is wrong.


10) Miami night life is his home.


11) He says he hangs out and watches baseball.

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On a side note, Max said the best 3B is A-Rod.


1) A-Rod

2) Rolen

3) Chavez

4) Glaus


Where the hell is my MIkey?

AROD!?!?ONLY ON OFFENSE ROLEN AND MIKEY OWN HIM ON DEFENSE. Max Kellerman is the biggest Yankee homer on the face of the earth. Don't worry. He's usually wrong.

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I can't believe Max hosts a show...he is wrong so many times.


I actually feel bad for Dontrelle for being on I, Max.


And where is the respect for Mike Lowell?


Do you think that Max is just mad that the Yanks didnt get Mike? And so he isnt giving Mike respect? For sure he would say that A-Rod is the best 3b....because he is on the Yankees....favoritism!

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