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LA Dodgers


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the Dodgers started the season RED-HOT and when they received Milton Bradley in a deal with the Indians they actually got better (record 22-10) and it seemed like their offensive problems were put to rest ... but something has happened along the way and the team has lost 7 straight and they are now tied for first with the Padres with a record of 22-17



did they just realize that their hitting is mediocre ... or that they are gonna miss K.Brown? any thoughts?



on a good note I think Jeff Weaver is pitching really well, he got off to a bad start but has put on a couple of good pitching performances recently.

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Dodgers are pretty good, but their lack of offense will catch up to them.


They made some improvements at the plate, but they aren't as good as they have shown, and the fact that their pitching isn't great like last year, but only good, is going to hurt them.


San Diego is going to win the NL West, and i'm sticking with it.

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