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Rob Dibble about to talk abot Beckett/Griffey...


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Dibble says he stared because of something that happened 4 year ago. There's no feud. He just stared as if to say "Don't mess with me." Dibble said Griffey can do what he wants.


He says Beckett isn't arrogant. He's a great kid. He's good because he has a lot of confidence. Brad Penny has it too. "You can't touch me."


Graves told teammates to go get tatoos. Griffey got a tatoo. Graves has 16. Hardcore. Dunn says Whiffeys tat is an ink blot. It could be a scorpion. Dibble has tatoos, too.


Armando Benitez is lights out. Mets fans are clueless. Benitez is confident in his own little world. Uses off-speed stuff a lot more because he's confident.


Pettite is hurt. He got hurt from swinging. Wuss. What kind of an athelete get's hurt while swinging a bat? Good Lord. He should let his arm relax.


That is all.



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UU, Redman got hurt bunting last year so don't talk too much about Petitte getting hurt swinging.

I know, and I think Redman is an idiot for getting hurt by bunting.


Both guys have pretty much been in the AL their whole career so it's obviously not completely their fault, but you gotta know how to swing a damn bat and bunt.


I refuse to argue with you again. :lol

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Guest Moneyball

Didn't Dibble say last year a week after the Marlins hired McKeon that " he talked" to some Marlins' player and they said that McKeon is a lazy bum who sits all day in his office smoking cigars? he also said last year that the players "hated" Mckeon!!! Dibble is an arrogant punk.

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