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Rimer Leaving Panthers


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Rimer leaving Panthers for Columbus Blue Jackets




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Jeff Rimer, who has been the television voice of the Panthers since the team's inception, said Wednesday he is leaving to become the voice of the Columbus Blue Jackets.


Rimer said the Blue Jackets will give him added responsibilities, such as input into broadcast decisions. Because of the added responsibilities, the Blue Jackets were more willing to pay more of Rimer's salary during a potential NHL lockout than Fox Sports Net was.


Another factor in Rimer's move: His daughter works Kylie in Ohio as a marketing coordinator and public relations assistant for the Blue Jackets.


''It's with mixed feelings and a great deal of regret that I leave Fox Sports Net and Panthers,'' he said. ``The longevity meant a lot to me. It was too good an opportunity to turn down. The Ohio responsibility excites me.''


Fox Sports Net wanted Rimer back, but declined to pick up his two-year option -- or Denis Potvin's -- because it did not want to pay his full salary during a lockout. Rimer then became a free agent and negotiated a deal with Columbus, where he will work for ex-Panthers coach Doug MacLean, who is president of the Blue Jackets.


Potvin has said he hopes to return.


Craig Minervini is among the potential candidates to replace Rimer.

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