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Admin Bowa For Manager of the Year


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And I complain about JAck misusing the bullpen.



Doubleheader today in Philly

Game 1

He brings Billy Wagner to pitch on game one (ON A NO SAVE SITUATION)

result: 24 pitches, game over



Game 2

Billy Wag is in to close game 2 with a one run lead

result: 20 pitches and a blown save :lol


So after a double wammy and 44 pitches, Billy may have to rest tomorrow's game :thumbup

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This is what its like to watch my team play:

:banghead :banghead : .....now do that 1000x over and you get the point.


You guys are probably goin win the division because we have this moron running our show....if only, only, we fire him and replace him with, well anything.....

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He's not doing too bad in Clearwater, he's got a junk team and Cole Hammels is hurt, but he'd be better than Bowa. A bag of tree bark, a plastic bag, 200 sheets of lined paper---they would be better than Bowa.


I'd much rather have Jeff Torborg....he's not doing anything now......

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Despite our manager, we're not that bad. We just can't beat you guys....thats the worst part about. We can't get Pierre out, Conine and Lowell and Cabrera kill us, every break goes your way....its painful to watch.

you have top talent on your team, no denying that. I scratch my head when I see that Bowa has lasted this long.

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now thats the way to stay 2 games behind in the division :thumbup



Bowa has finally made a move worth something *Hallelujah plays*


Ledee and Michaels will platoon at Center while Byrd is at AAA. Ledee is just great off the bench and JMike(lame, I know) has proved what he can do when he starts.

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