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Kids' names


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A family of five is sitting down to have a nice dinner together, a man and his wife and their two daughters and son. Dinner was going nice and as planned when the oldest daughter asked her dad ?Daddy, Why did you name me Rose??


?Well sweetie, when you were born me and mommy brought you home and as we walked in a rose petal fell from the mantle and landed on your forehead.?


This sparked the attention of the other kids so the second daughter asks? Then Daddy, Why did you name me Robin??


The father replies, ?Well Robin, when you were lying in your crib as a baby a little robin flew in through your window and landed and sang to you.?


Finally the son chimed in ?Dahhhh buh fer ha blah foo pbtpbt?

Dad shouted out ?Shut up Cinder Block!?

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