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Just a question!

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Nice optimisitic point of view. I do not hate Jack.


But as for the "we're in number 1, we must be doing something right," the NL East is a very mediocre division this year. I wouldn't call #1 an earned place.


I haven't forgotten this team has a lot of talent, and a lot of heart. I have faith that they'll play all the way to the World Series and repeat.

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I was just wondering how come you guys Loved Jack last year and now you hate him???


I'll say that the Fish are doing alot better than other teams.. ex: Expos, D-Backs!!


If we are still in first we must be doing something right!



I don't think any of the Marlins fans on here really hate McKeon, they just strongly disagree with some of the managerial decisions McKeon has made as of late, such as not allowing Choi to start against lefties and a few other things.

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i dont think anybody hates Jack also,just these are the things that happen and come out the teams dont do as well as they should...trust me if we go on a winning streak and the hitting comes around...you wont be seeing alot of the threads that have been put up lately...

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