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My thoughts on our Fish

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There are a couple of things that need to get done.


1) Our BullPen sucks. Though Beni has been one of the best in the league, everybody else seems to go through prolonged slumps. A setup man is a must, but a double-play specialist would also be very welcome. Perisho has been good enough in his role, as has *gulp* Oliver.


1A) Koch might still work out. Give him the All-Star break with our man Drew, and then judge.


2) Our starters rock (or get roccked depending on the night). Burnett has recovered nicely, we just need to stay away from the temptation to raise his pitch count. Penny and Pavano have been awesome, almost every night. Beckett and Willis have been great and bad in turns. No change in personel is neccessary but getting either Beckett or Willis consistent will go a long way in our upcoming 3rd World Series Title.


3) Our hitting is strange. Only Cabrera and Lowell remember how to get RBIs without HRs. I know Lowell is the leader on this team but I was hoping Conine would help more. His hitting is affecting his pschye a bit if you ask me. Choi who has done better than anybody could have expected but needs to do better. He and Conine need to get the RBIs that Encarnacion, Pudge, and Lee used to get. This is a tall order given that Castro flopped in all our faces.


3A) Choi will not get many at-bats against lefties this year. Jack must see something we don't because its clear he has no intention of changing his ways.


3B) Getting a catcher than can hit is rare, and not likely to happen. The next greatest need is a veteran LF. Conine would then play some LF and some 1st base. Think of this move akin to Dalton back in '97. A guy who can play but whose real purpose is bringing energy, confidence, and reminding these guys how to win. I'm not sure this guy exists on a losing team, at least not at the salary we are willing to pay. (Although if money were no concern my pipedream is Admin Walker but at $12M for 2 years he's just that)

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