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New Feature Highlight 2: New ways to view threads


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Version 2 allots you three ways to view threads. The original and standard way which is surprisngly called "Standard". A 2nd way called "Outline" which lists the replies to a thread in a small list of links under the original post and a 3rd way called "Linear" which resembles Standard but seperates the original post and the replies. Pictures of all 3 methods are below. Whichever method you choose will be set as your new preference for all threads but you can of course always change easily with 1 click.


You can change the way you see threads by looking on the upper right of any thread for these links:




Now here is a look at 1 thread in 3 ways.














If you have any questions or comments on this feature, please make them here so that everyone can see it.


Stay tuned for the next new feature highlight coming soon!

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