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I've been reading all of the recent articles on the Heats free agent goals and I like the direction they are heading in. In three years we rid ourselves of the Grant and EJ contracts freeing up a lot of money...riley has said he will not give any FA a contract over 3 years so they dont have to be comitted to anyone when EJ and Grant leave... freeing up even more money. At that time LO will be 27, Wade 24 and CB 25....we will still be young, good and ready to give contracts to two or three big time, star players. Scary


In the meantime....the team is still good!! Grant has tremendous heart which i think will keep him being somewhat productive, and EJ can still score, especially when he is the third or fourth option...which he is. We can still get into the playoffs, maybe not far, keeping our fan base excited and waiting to explode in three years. Oh yeah, and if Dorell turns out to be as sexy as Riley says...we could have an absolute power house!


That said...the Heat want to sign two big men and a PG. Rafear is our top priority and Blount is a main target for the heats void at center. Personally, I would be happy just to have those two, while another big man would be nice, i like Haslem and would love to see him get more PT


so here is my question...lets say we do get blount and rafear. obviously both will be in the rotation. but i wonder what would the starting line up be?


I can see this

C: blount



SG: Wade

PG: Alston


this would keep Grant and EJ fresh


do you guys think alston can start???


or how about

C: Blount

PF: Grant

SF: Odom


PG: Wade


Caron butler would win the 6th man award easily IMO if this were the starting line


I just dont know.... so many of our guys are so versatile that we can throw out any number of starting lineups out there.


So do you guys think my excitment is unwarranted? Do you think Blount would start if we sign him? and if we get Blount and rafear....what would you have our starting lineup be?


Please Discuss and GO HEAT!

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I think our lineup would consist of:


C- Blount

PF- Odom

SF- Butler

SG- Jones

PG- Wade


I dont think Alston is capable of starting everyday for an NBA team. I really like him off the bench more. I also like Odom at PF thats where he had his most productive season last year. Then Grant off the bench would provide us with great defense off the bench and keep him fresh through the course of the season.

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I like that DaGreatOne....i think that would be the most likely starting lineup


with grant, haslem, Alston and possibly Rasual on the bench....i like our depth



I wouldnt say he sucks....he's a p***y, that's for sure and he's soft


i know he didnt shoot particularly well last year but he still shot fine, hopefully this year he'll shoot better....with wade and lamar EJ doesnt have to create his own shots....he can just shoot the ball and i think he'll be effective


if only he would drive the freaking ball

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i really hope we get blount...but skip wants atleast a three year deal, so we cant use our cap excemption on him and are forced to use some of our mid level excemption...because of that, we may not be able to offer blount enough of our mid level excempiton to match other teams offers to him


So why not draft a PG to have a security if Alston leaves. Ridiculous!

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if we get blount the lineup will be this no matter what barring injury


C Blount

PF Odom

SF C.Butler

SG Jones

PG Wade



rafer,rasual,haslem,allen,Wright off the bench considering we sign back allen and i think haslem



What are we going to do with BGrant? He's on your bench, of course, right?

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Eric "freakin" Dampier?????



i read we would only be able to get him through a sing and trade deal and that he may be a little over our price range anyways



there are also concerns whether his more "selfish" game would fit well with lamar odom...the concern was that dampier would clog the middle for LO


I think blount fits the best

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I'm predicting this lineup next year:


Wade, EJ, Butler, Odom, Blount


EJ is gonna start hands down. He's not exactly mr. all-star but he's still a scorer and can give us 15 ppg. Plus, Riley loves this guy too much and didn't pay his ass that much to sit on the bench. Grant is another story plainly because his body isn't fit enough to start anymore but he can be a big quality guy off the bench for low post defense and some hustle.


Wade, Odom, and Butler are all gonna start no matter what, obviously. And I'm praying we can get Mark Blount but the Celts are gonna do probably anything to keep him but at least they drafted Al Jefferson so that kinds decreases Blount's need but who knows, we gotta wait and see.


Nonetheless, I'm excited too about next year and years to come, we've built our core and now just gotta add the last pieces around it.

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