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Jul/7/2004 - Here we are, 3 Games over .500

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This is a key moment for the fish in 2004. Are we going to roll over and die, or is this team going to step up and perform?


Most here are calling for a big trade. And I hope we make some trades, but this team has too much talent to be playing under .500 ball.


As crazy as it sounds, this team is playing decent ball on the road. Something that the fish has never done well in the past. But we are playing like crap at home. There is no reason for getting sweeped at home like Cincy and Texas did recently. We are struggling at home, because we aren't executing our small ball game (critical on PPS). If we start winning at home and keep playing .500 ball on the road, we should be OK.


I would like to see the following during the rays series:

- Penny to start pitching and stop throwing (we need at least 7 quality innings from the duke)

- JP getting a day off, or batting 7 or 8th for a couple of days (he is killing us atm). Castillo is the best option at lead off

- Choi is the most consistant hitter in this team right now. Bat him 3rd!


This has been frustrating, but we are still early in the game and we can still rebound from this.

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i think we need a catcher but if we dont get one ok......hitting there is nothing we can do....as for pitching we gotta make some moves....we are not gonna go anywhere with this bullpen...bring me eddie guardado or maybe scott sullivan. i would also be happy with williamson

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