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7/5 RAW

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RAW Thoughts:


The opening musical chairs was a fun change-of-pace (Flair is GOD), and a good start to the "Eugene is GM" night....The tag title match was pretty blah. I was surprised La Resistance didn't at least get SOME face pop. I mean, they WERE facing the DREADED team of Rhyno and Venis....The moon-walk trampoline thing used as Eugene's office was a good thought....The Trips/Edge promo just didn't hit home with me. I'm not buying Edge as a top-flight face. Sorry.....


I was looking for a Matt Hardy run-in DQ in the Kane/Batista match, and I didn't have to wait long. The right decision IMO, because neither Kane nor Batista should've jobbed clean....Orton v.s Jericho was good, but it started to go on a bit long....I guess it's Nidia's turn for a women's title feud. Then it'll cycle back to whomever is next on the list....


They kept the camera on Lita for her reaction backstage WAY too long, especially for someone with the *ahem*, skills, of Lita....My tape cut off as Benoit put the sharpshooter on Triple H. Damn....Overall, a decent RAW, but they could've done more with the Eugene-as-GM angle.

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I also agree that this was a pretty good show and was very funny. Lawler and Stacy were pretty funny when they sat on each other. In case you were wondering what happened in the main event HHH was yelling in pain and then Eugene came in and hit Benoit with the chair for the win.


Not that bad of a card at the ppv Sunday and I may think of ordering it.

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