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Dontrelle Willis on Espn the Magazine


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There is a good article on Espn about Dontrelle this is the link http://espn.go.com/mlb/s/2003/0617/1569480.html its nice to see we are finally getting notice on the baseball world for something positive lets go fish.


this is sample you can get the complete article on Espn or click the link "At the apex of Dontrelle Willis' delivery, his right foot is nose high, his right knee just below his chin. His chest and head are twisted so that he is facing right field, his eyes aimed upward. His intention is to throw the ball in almost the complete opposite direction, where he is not looking." :w00t

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Bobby Valentine speculated this week that Marlins phenom Dontrelle Willis could have trouble keeping his funky delivery in sync over the long haul. But a scout who has watched Willis rise through the minor leagues disagrees.


"Fifteen years ago, if you'd watched Sid Fernandez throw, you'd have said no way this guy lasts, either," the scout says. "But he did. And this kid is the same way, because he's an unbelievable athlete. He's got the arm speed and the wrist pop and the release point that makes me think he won't be a breakdown guy. He's just so funky, the hitters don't pick up the ball. What Sid Fernandez proved to me was that some guys can just do it differently, and this kid's one of them, because he's so flexible. And you have to love the way he loves being out there. We need guys like that. He could be one of baseball's all-time characters."



c/o Stark's Rumblings and Grumblings


I still can't believe some of you would consider Valentine a managerial candidate...He's a buffoon.

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