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Fox hints LA trade could bring Walker


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From FoxSports.com( http://msn.foxsports.com/story/2611108 )

Marlins active ... again


Imagine Admin Walker playing in the same outfield as Juan Pierre and Miguel Cabrera, and Jose Contreras serving as Armando Benitez's setup man.


The Marlins can.


More realistically, they can imagine Lo Duca as their catcher and Mota setting up Benitez, becoming their future closer.


Never mind the Marlins' bottom-five payroll, their lack of a new ballpark and their blunder in allowing catcher Ivan Rodriguez to depart as a free agent last off-season.


For the second consecutive year, they're dreaming big dreams.


They first tried to acquire Lo Duca in a deal for first baseman Derrek Lee last off-season. Only two NL teams get worse offensive production than the Marlins at catcher ? the Brewers and Astros.


Mota would be reunited with Marlins pitching coach Wayne Rosenthal, his first pitching coach at Class A in the Expos' organization. Rosenthal taught Mota how to throw a slider. Mota calls him, "Daddy."


As for Contreras and Walker, the Marlins' plan is the same as it was last season, when they traded high-end prospects to teams that were willing not only to part with veterans, but also pay the bulk of those players' salaries.


The difference is that closer Ugueth Urbina and outfielder Jeff Conine were far easier to obtain than Walker and Contreras, both of whom have no-trade clauses and nearly $20 million left on their contracts.


The Walker trade would happen only if the Marlins and Rockies could reach agreement on the dollars and prospects exchanged ? a possibility one source describes as "50-50" but another says is fading.


The Contreras trade only would happen if the prospects the Yankees received could be used as part of their package for Randy Johnson.


The Marlins could offer Class AA lefthander Bill Murphy and Class A righthander Rick Vanden Hurk, the same pair they would have sent the Diamondbacks for center fielder Steve Finley.


The Yankees then could add players like Class AAA catcher Dioner Navarro, Class AAA second baseman Robinson Cano and Class A third baseman Eric Duncan to the package.


Any transaction in which more than $1 million is exchanged must be approved by the commissioner's office. However, it's doubtful that commissioner Bud Selig would stop a trade in which the Yankees absorbed the remaining $22 million on Johnson's contract and paid the majority of the $19.5 million owed Contreras. Both the Marlins and Diamondbacks would be benefiting from the players they received in the deal.

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