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who knows tires?


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Ok, here's the deal....I had 235s on my truck...and then I got a 3 1/2 inch lift...eventually I went to 275s....no problems.


I saw more room in the wheel well, and decided to go a bit bigger next time I needed tires...so I got 285s....figured no problem...except that I felt some rubbing, and smelled some burnt rubber, so I brought the truck back...and I talked with the guy, and I got 1/8 inch spacers put on (only the front tires rub)....I thought the problem was solved....but when I got up to Furman, I could hear a clicking noise when I would make turns...I thought it was possibly a problem, but my dad told me it was probably the brakes (I need to get em checked anyhow), and I couldn't feel any rubbing.


But today I smelled burnt rubber again, looked under, and saw that the front tires had been worn down to the white core....NOT GOOD!


So, I guess I'm gonna have to find a guy up here to get new tires...but what I want to know is how there's such a big difference b/t 275s and 285s...I don't see why there is rubbing (w/spacers) and not with 275s (no spacers).

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well, it was barely touching...and I'm afraid 1/4 inch would be too much (causing problems in driving)....the Tire guy was afraid 1/4 inch would be too big too...


I need to find out what the width is...I talked to my dad....


I'm gonna find a guy around here, and see if I can get 285s with less width (that way, I don't have to replace all 4...just the front 2)...if not, I gotta go 275s, and get all 4 exchanged...


the 275s I used to have were Michelin, but the 285s now are Cooper. So, I'm gonna have to go to a Cooper dealer and get myself some sort of refund....tires aint cheap

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