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Critical Stretch II

Guest FishFanInPA

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Guest FishFanInPA

Well folks I'm back again and this time it means business....23 of our next 30 at home....the season on the line....We quickly move to the predictions....


3 vs. SF -- Schmidt not starting is huge....Fish move their rotation around hoping for the sweep but I just can't see it happening. Noah Lowry becomes the next in the line of mediocre starters to become Cy Young...Fish go 2-1. (Actual: 1-2....Brett Tomko looked like Cy Young.)


3 vs. Colo -- Sweep...no doubt about it...Valdez pitches his best game as a Marlin and the Rockies offense goes cold....Lo Duca hits a game winner in the 9th in one of the games off Chacon.....3-0. (Actual: 3-0....Ish did pitch his best game as a Marlin and there was no need for Chacon this series.)


4 @ NYM -- With me in attendance for two of the games, The Fish offense explodes for 25 runs vs. a rancid Mets team. Still the sweep eludes them as Aaron Heilman shuts em down....3-1 (Actual: 4-0....Heilman doesn't pitch. Fish score exactly 25 runs. On pace now for my prediction.)


3 vs. CHC -- Prior nor Wood will be starting here due to injuries...We still only win 2 of 3 as either Clement or Maddux will win....2-1


3 vs. NYM -- SWEEP...No mercy taken by the Marlins as they hold the metropolitans to under double digits in runs...probably score 7 runs this whole series....Fish score 21....recipe for a sweep. (Actual: 2-1...Marlins score 10 runs but the Mets scored 7. Ish didnt pitch so well so the sweep didnt come.)


3 @ CHC -- This will be our toughest series but the son of Bartman catches a foul ball and the Fish come away with 2 of 3. Prior gets shelled by the Fish but they pull it out due to a bad outing by his cockiness Josh. (Actual: 2-1...Technically i was correct here because one of the games was a Marlins "home" game. Josh pitches well and Prior does too. Fish came to play this series!)


5 vs. Mon -- The Fish take four of five from Montreal and score 40 runs in the process. I just can't give them the sweep..4-1 (Actual: 3-2...The schedule is starting to get to them. Nate Bump loses the game that may have made this prediction right but of course I expected that.)



3 vs. Atl -- First losing series of the bunch.....Bravos take 2 of 3 causing Fish fans on this board to leap off Bridges....Fear not though


3 vs. Phi -- SWEEP....Like anything else could happen...The Sillies are done by now and are playing out the string...


Overall: 23-7


By the end of this stretch, they will be 2 games up in the wild card race...


SF's record during that 30: 16-14

SD's record: 15-15

CHC's record: 16-14...


The Standings:

Fla 85-67

SF 85-71

CHC 83-70

SD 80-73


Last time I made predictions, I would have been on target if not for those damn Expos. :banghead

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