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Funny things from the Wed & Thu's game


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The Platters, Drifters and Coasters performed just before the game Thursday. Juan Pierre broke from his pre-game warm-ups to watch.


Mike Redmond has a nasty sinker. :lol Command may be a problem though.


The crowd down the LF line were giving Miguel Cabrera a rough time, screaming his name every single pitch he was on defense or at bat. When the Marlins came up with the four-run 8th today Miggy tipped his hat to them. (You got to hand it to Mets fans. When they heckle they're funny, not obnoxious and threatening like Philly fans.)


After Wednesday's game Manzy walked out of the player's gate unnoticed by everyone. He just walked over, shook my hand and left with his friends.


AJ Burnett has fine taste in women.


Six months later... and the size of rings is still the talk of the town.

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AJ Burnett has fine taste in women.



Details? :lol .




does anyone what color hair does she have? I think I saw her with blonde hair but at the parade she had brown.. maybe it was Spooney's wife


AJ always say's "I LOVE YOU KAREN" when he's on t.v

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No public displays of affection.


I really have no idea. You see a pro ballplayer leave the stadium with a pretty lady... and it's kind of expected that.. well... she didn't seem slutty or gitty enough to be just some girl he met during BP.






AJ :o



It could of been his sister :thumbup

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