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Smackdown 9/16


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Smackdown Thoughts:


The Booker/Cena match was okay. The thing with having a "best of" series is that you need to find two wrestlers with a wide moveset, who can put on 5 matches that at least look different. I don't think these two fit the bill....Interesting twist on the contract signing by Theodore Long....What's wrong with Kidman's eye?....London was pretty decent on the mic....


The tag match was all-right. I couldn't believe how softly RVD met the corner when he was "whipped" into it. The Spike-being-tough thing seems interesting....Yeah, I'm a mark for wrestlers coming back. I didn't really see the point of 'Taker fighting them off there for a time. Other than, well, it IS the Undertaker. It should've been them squashing him and be done with it....


WWE had a TAG TITLE MATCH as a backdrop for the abduction of an announcer. Unbelieveable....Heidenreich's segment was more homoerotic than scary....Haas REALLY should be a heel....The contract signing segment was good, even with the SWERVE~!....Okay episode, a decent waste of 2 hours.

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