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The LA Situation...


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Ok. I am going to try and take a look at a scenario which hasnt been discussed really - obviously short of a Braves collapse, we need to win the WC to see the playoffs at this point.


There is an interesting scenario that could play out. SD, SF and LA all play each other over the next few weeks. If LA loses the NL West to SF, say, and LA struggles down the stretch and SD isnt able to get a streak going as all three teams beat each other up - we could see this help our cause.


Remaining schedules:


LA - 3 @SD, 3 @SF, 7 COL (3@COL, 4 home)

SF - 3 SD, 3 HOU, 3 LA, 3 @SD

SD - 3 @SF, 3 LA, 3 ARI, 3 SF


Currently, LA is 2.5 up on SF in the NL West and 5.5 on SD. SF winning out would help our cause immensely - if they sweep SD on both meets, that is 6 losses for them and drops them down in the WC race. If they sweep HOU, then that is 3 losses and they drop in the WC standings. Of course, if they sweep LA, then the Giants take over NL West and LA is dropped into the WC race.


SD has a very tough schedule. They will have a hard time winning games from here on out with games against LA and SF - but they do play them at home.


LA has it tough too, but they also play 7 games against COL which doesnt seem to be a very tough time, but they will have to play 3 games @ Col and that could effect their pitching.


I think it will be interesting to see how this race for the NL West plays out, but it could very much effect our standings. If SF wins out and takes over the NL West, very unlikely on the former but likely for the latter, they could help by pushing SD, LA and HOU down some. Of course, we will have to win, too.

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Problem is we're currently 6 behind LA so catching them isn't going to be easy.



True, but do we have a better chance with SF winning out and basically beating everyone? We may be 6 games back of LA, but if they collapse, and that is a long shot admittedly, we could benefit.


It is just another scenario that could help us out. Either way, we have to win as many games as possible from here on out. A very difficult feat, but you cant bet against this team.

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Here is our best case scenario right now:


SD sweeps SF over the next three games. We sweep the Braves. Both us and SD inch towards the lead in the WC (not including obviously what HOU and CHI does). But we play Chi - and if we sweep them and SD loses a game on Monday - we could take over the lead of the WC (not including what HOU does).


This of course goes against the LA scenario. But it does show that as long as we win, we have a chance of winning this thing still. But we must win of course - tonight's game is probably the most important of the season. I would love to see our offense explode tonight.

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