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Good news for Kerry in Florida?


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Since my posts now need a disclaimer for those who dont care about the content (but read the post and reply anyway! :whistle )

Only for people curious about Kerry or Florida political news.



Tough news for George Bush today. A new poll of the FL Latino community finds Bush with only a 44-37 percent lead over John Kerry. Another 16% are undecided. This is very bad for the Bush campaign, as Bush won the Latino vote 61-39 over Gore in 2000.


The poll found Florida Latinos to have surprisingly different priorities from their Anglo counterparts. When asked the issues that would determine their vote for president, health care was #1 (38%), followed by strengthening jobs and homeland security (28% each) and social security (26%). Iraq was in fifth place with only 24%.


The poll has a relatively high margin of error because it only consisted of 200 Latinos in Florida, but is telling nonetheless. The poll was done by the Willie C. Velasquez Institute, a "nonpartisan, non-profit, Latino-oriented research and policy think tank."

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