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I need help with Pre Calculus badly!


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I'm desperate, and didn't know where to turn to.


I missed 5 days of school and I missed a lesson on squaring the function and I don't know how to do it at all. I don't understand it. My math book is a piece of crap, and my teacher is no help at all. She talks way too fast and she just tells us to look in the book if we have a problem or ask someone else, which is difficult since no one understands what she's teaching. It seems like she expects us to know this stuff all ready when she knows damn well that we didn't learn this s*** last year.


If anyone can help me, please do.

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If only she actually knew how to teach. She's an okay teacher (she skiped me up a grade level in math), but somehow whenever she teaches something she makes it all confusing. Then brags about how she taught her other students a certain thing before they enter pre calc. She taught a lot of stuff that was ahead of their level. So it's like she expects everyone else to know it, but a lot of us didn't have her.

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