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Alright... anyone brave enough to try this?


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Online Ouija board.

It's been said that Ouija boards online don't really work, that you would have to use an actual board to get any real results... but anyone still brave enough to try this? Here's the link:


Online Ouija Board


Knock yourself out. Best results at night.


*If you do decide to try this, post about your experience*


I'm not gonna try it. I'm still too chicken, even if it is online.






Things to know before use. (more information on site)



Proper atmosphere is extremely important for other worldly communication. For best results, turn the lights down low and eliminate all distractions such as TV or loud music. Soft music may be played to add ambience, but not to the point of distraction. Lighting candles and the burning of incense or fragrant oils may also be conducive to a successful session.


Don't be alarmed if the board does not seem to 'work' immediately. It is important to be comfortable within the session. Try to relax and clear your thoughts as much as possible before asking your first question. By doing so, you will disengage yourself from all subconscious attempts at moving the planchette yourself. If you have problems, take a break and try again later. Becoming comfortable with the board, and it with you, does take time.


Remember, spirits are notorious tricksters and liars so be careful. Further, they'll often respond with words or phrases which may seem to be absurd jibberish at the time, but upon reflection, may be quite meaningful.


Good Luck!!!

H O W - T O - U S E - T H E - B O A R D :


One player may operate the board, but use EXTREME CAUTION!!!


It is suggested that you place your mouse on a flat, hard surface resting on the knees of two persons, preferrably a male and a female. Place your fingers lightly but firmly upon the mouse with one player being able to activate the 'left click' button (Windows) or standard click button (Mac).


To start, the on-screen planchette should be resting over the angel at the top of the board. Relax and clear all your thoughts. When comfortable, ask a question, such as "Is anyone there?". Remember to ask all questions aloud so a nearby presence will hear. If you need a few questions to get going, we have provided 50 sample questions you can scroll through in the frame to your left. Once contacted, the spirits will do the rest.


It may take a few minutes for the on-screen planchette (mouse) to move so don't give up. Once it does, its transparent center will select letters, numbers, or yes/no in response to your questions. When selecting a character, make sure the on-screen planchette comes to a noticeable stop or pause over the desired character. Left click the highlighted selection to display the character above the board. Other worldly messages and answers will then be spelled out for you. If you feel a space is required, click anywhere on the board (other than the letters, numbers, yes/no) to add one. Remember: spirits are notoriously bad spellers so don't be alarmed if the words or phrases 'look funny', they'll always have some meaning. The textual display above the board is limited to 132 characters, so once it is full, you may clear it by clicking "reset text" in the middle of the board.


When your session is complete, always say goodbye. The spirit will often bring the planchette down to this area of the board when he/she wants to leave. Please oblige by clicking and saying goodbye aloud. Also, if the spirit has left your session abruptly, make sure you click on "goodbye" yourself. You can never be too careful.

P R E C A U T I O N S :


If you play alone, use extreme caution.

Never ask the board when you are going to die.

Never ask about God.

Never ask where buried treasure is located.

Never let a spirit count down through numbers or go through the alphabet, they will escape the board.

If your mouse falls off the flat surface, the spirit may escape.

If the on-screen planchette goes to each of the four corners of the board, an evil spirit has been contacted.

Evil spirits will use lies and flattery to gain your confidence.

If the on-screen planchette/mouse makes figure 8's, an evil spirit is in control of the board.

Always say and click goodbye when ending a session or evil spirits may stay behind and haunt you.

Be very careful if you use the board when sick or fatigued as you become more susceptible to possession.



Good Luck!!!

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