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Just came back from the polls.....

Guest Juanky

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And I must say, my first voting experience was a pleasurable one. I usually am not up as early I was today as my first class is at 11 AM, but since I had to drop my brother and sister off in school in the morning I found myself with time to kill. I decided to stop by the West Regional Library to vote.


When I showed up, there were supporters of almost every candidate there to greet me. All were kind, handed out their respective papers, and said a word or two before letting me on my way. Once inside I took a number and went into the line, reading up some on the bonds before I cast my vote. When I got to end of the line, I realized I did not have my registration. I darted out of the library and ran back to my car. I live 5 minutes away from the library, though this was extended to ten with Columbus again being a thorn in my side, this time by having a school zone. Bums, but I digress.


I headed back to the Library and everyone instantly recognized me. We had a nice chuckle about it, especially that I realized when I returned to the library that I didn't need the registration, and I went right back to the line. I filled out the paper to clarify what precinct I was voting for while I was in the line as to not bother the poll workers later on. After about a 7 or 8 minute wait between waiting in the line talking to some viejitos and getting my information checked, I was off to the machines. I breezed through the candidates as I was sure of who I was voting for, took some extra time on the Amendments and Bonds, and all in all was out in about 5 or 6 minutes from the machine. The workers were friendly on my way out as well, they gave me a nice "I voted today" sticker, and I was off on my way. I got in my car and trekked back home, to where I am now. Not once did I have anything come negative my way, the workers were very helpful to me and everyone there (most of the people there were viejos Cubanos). No one was harassed, the line moved quickly, and everyone was able to cast their vote as is their right.


A very enjoyable first (well second, first election - I voted in the primaries) voting experience.

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