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Weekly update from our buddy Josh Wilson


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Wilson: Still on the sidelines

Hey everyone,


I'm sorry to say that I'm still not back in the lineup yet, but it should be some time very soon. I actually was able to play some catch on Monday and take some ground balls without any pain so I would say that is a good sign.


Tuesday will probably go the same as Monday, but possibly with some swings involved too. Hopefully, that all goes well and by Wednesday or Thursday, I can take a full BP.


It feels like it has been so long since I have played in a game and the Dogs keep winning so I am very anxious to get back on the field. And that's not even mentioning the fact that there are scouts and GM's from various teams out here to watch us play. It is always nice to impress those guys from other teams because you never really know where you might end up.


Some of our Marlins staff members were also out during the week and I was definitely bummed that I couldn't be on the field for them. Other than that, we won on Monday, 11-8, and that put our record at 11-5, good for first place in our division. Tuesday we take on the Rafters again at home and hopefully we'll start out the week with two straight wins. The rest of the week after that we play the Peoria teams and then we will definitely enjoy another Sunday off.


And this one will be especially good if the Steelers can take down the Patriots at Heinz Field. The Steelers are coming off a bye week so they should be very prepared for the Pats. So hopefully by the time you read my next journal I will have all kinds of good news with a Steeler victory and me back in the lineup.


Until then, hope you all are doing well and please send me some more emails.




Email Josh at [email protected]

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