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Football Commerical!


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watching the colts and broncos game i saw a commericial come on. and it was so funny.

it says football season 4 months ago.


starts off showing two raider guys and they are talking about how great tim brown and jerry rice are.


then they show a clevelend brown guy in a store talking how kellen winslow is the best thing thats ever happened to butch davis.


then it was this guy in a bar saying that the 49ers would win the division.


then in miami these 2 guys and a girl are in the pool saying that there is one thing that ricky williams is thinking about and that is winning.


and then last but not least they show this guy on a couch and the guy says


"hey (other guy name but they dont show him) what was the rookie's name that the steelers drafted? you dont hear the other guy respond but the guy on the couch says rolisburger or something like that.


nice job cowher (name of steelers coach...sorry for the spelling error)


awesome commerical.

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