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Pro Player Stadium No More!

Guest Fritz

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Thank God, Allah, Yaweh, Jehovah, etc.


Quotes of note:


The renovation will be rolled out in three phases because the stadium?s existing commitment to the Florida Marlins prevents a more immediate implementation plan. Projects currently under consideration for Phase I will include a remodeled Club Level and luxury suites, new state-of-the-art scoreboards, covered exhibition space that would be event-ready and would serve as an additional parking structure adjacent to the stadium, better traffic flow in and out of the stadium, improved pedestrian access and relocation of the Dolphins business offices to the stadium. These privately funded enhancements are estimated to cost between $100 to $125 million.


Phase II, which could not commence until the relocation of the Marlins, would potentially include expansion of the stadium concourses, a permanent or retractable roof, additional seating capacity, greatly expanded exhibition space and parking structures to augment those built in Phase I, upgraded press capabilities for major events, video studios, and fiber optic and satellite communications. This phase also could include retail shops, restaurants, and entertainment areas in a Main Street format. These improvements would cost approximately $200 to $300 million in private funds.


Phase III projects under consideration will serve other elements of the South Florida community on a daily basis and provide economic stimulation and an increased tax base. These proposals include a mixed use development of an office complex, a hotel that would enhance the stadium?s ability to attract world-class sports and entertainment events and potentially a residential component. Also under consideration are additional destination retail shops, restaurants, and entertainment areas, also in a Main Street format, and a Hall of Fame.


Dolphins Enterprises has hired the Hammes Company to develop the master concept for the renovations and additions to Dolphins Stadium. Hammes was involved in the renovation of Lambeau Field in Green Bay and the development of Ford Field in Detroit

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Guest Moneyball

So the Marlins will be playing at Dolphins Stadium next year? Can't the fish call it something else like the Dodgers and Angels did with Dodger Stadium.

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