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OOOH uuuhhh, OH BABY YEEEES! POUNd m3 000hhh!!11!


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Yes its true. The next time you hear that, it might be someone's cell going off.



NEW YORK (Reuters) -- Porn star Jenna Jameson is now hawking "moan tones." For $2.50 mobile phone users can choose from a variety of moans, and sexual noises all recorded by the blond bombshell.


If that's not enough, Jameson will talk dirty to you when your phones rings, in English or Spanish.


Jameson, who recently wrote a best-selling memoir, has launched the venture with Wicked Wireless, a mobile music and entertainment company.


Also available are color pictures of the porn star posing naked that can be displayed on your phone for $2.99.


"Rock stars make music tones, porn stars make moan tones," said Dennis Adamo, head of Wicked Wireless. "We thought it would be an interesting novel approach of introducing new content to the mobile users."


Jameson's charms are already being downloaded in Argentina, Ecuador, Venezuela, and in a couple of weeks will be available from Mexico to Uruguay.


Latin American users can download a moan or a picture for $1.00 each, while U.S. customers will pay $2.50 for a moan and $2.99 for a wallpaper once the service is launched.


Some people were shocked, but others said they wanted more from the product.


"If you can get her to say my name then I would buy it. I need that kind of personal attention," said New Yorker Julian McCullough.


U.S. users will have to wait to get Jameson on their phones as no mobile carriers in the United States have expressed any interest in carrying the service.



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