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Ricky Williams Warns Kids: 'You Can Make Babies'


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Ricky Williams Warns Kids: 'You Can Make Babies'

Woman Seeks Child Support From Former Dolphin Player


POSTED: 4:06 pm EST February 1, 2005

UPDATED: 5:10 pm EST February 1, 2005


BROWARD COUNTY, Fla. -- Ricky Williams, best known for his abrupt departure from the Miami Dolphins, was in a Broward County courtroom for a family hearing Tuesday -- and he had some words of advice for kids.


Williams, who was observed to be at least 30 pounds lighter, sporting a beard and a shorter haircut, signed autographs in the hallway after a case management hearing.


He was in court because Cherie Clark, a woman he admits having an intimate relationship with, is asking for additional money from Williams for her 14-month-old son. Williams' lawyer said the former pro-player has already given Clark $120,000 for the child. Williams initially denied paternity and refused a DNA test. He has since admitted that the child is likely his.


The judge scheduled a pre-trial hearing for June 9, when a trial date will be set.


When Williams talked to reporters, he said he will not be returning to football, but he did say recent experiences have been teaching him to take more responsibility.


He also said, "The lesson to be learned -- the lesson to kids -- is be careful who you lay down with. You can make babies."


Williams said he and Clark were not in a relationship and didn't really even date.



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