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I want $275


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this just smells of scam and freeipods.com ripoff.


freeipods.com is legit.


I know two people who have gotten them.


i know it is.


thats why im saying this is trying to rip it off.


only difference is ive never heard of this place and im sure its a scam.

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yea, freeipods it is legit. i also know a couple folks who got theirs.


my bro did a free green xbox thing on another site...they were out of green xboxes, so they gave him the option to a) get a regular one or b) get the retail value of an xbox in cash.


he went with b and got his check.

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Oh you jerks. I see a bunch of you signed up but didn't complete an offer. You did it just to taunt me. :p But seriously, if you weren't sure about any of the offers, I'd recommend the e-fax one. You sign up on the free trial and then cancel it once they've told the mp3 site that you've completed it. That's the one I did and it didn't cost me a dime....or a penny.

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