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If only...


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...I had known that Miguel Cabrera would be such a stud, I would not have criticized the Marlins for outbidding other potential suitors when he was just 16 years old.


...I had known that Al Leiter would rejoin the club after his first stint, I would not have written over his autographed baseball with purple marker.


...I had realized that a senile 72year old cigar-smoking roughneck could lead a team to the World Series, I would have taught my grandfather the basics of baseball.


...I knew how to speak as fast as I type, I would be the perfect replacement for Len Kasper.

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that Miguel Cabrera would be such a stud





Quit gaying up threads.










He set that one up!!! :lol



Come on bro...Stud is a word that many people use to define a star of the game. I don't appreciate you turning my thread into a homosexual reference...

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lol i think. did u really do that to that autograph?!


Yes, I did rewrite over his autograph after the '97 season. But I was only 11, and the ink was wearing out--so I intelligently rewrote over his name, in order to preserve the letters. My mom then pointed out that it was thereafter worthless :confused .


But anyway, I got another autograph a few months later when he was at Publix.

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