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What would you recommend?


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I was interested in purchasing a 20-game Saturday or Sunday package. I think it seems very intriguing, and I was wondering if those of you who currently maintain season ticket packages would mind giving me your opinion on the 20-gamer (or flex). How exactly does it work, and what are the best seats for the price?


And also, does the price on the official website refer to just one ticket, or two? Thanks in advance for your help and thoughts. I appreciate all advice, criticism of the system, and contribution to my ultimate decision!

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I've got Sunday plan tickets and have had for a couple of years, the package meet my personal needs well - I want to see as many games and teams as possible and I'm often travelling on business during the week. I don't like the new Sunday start time (1pm), but I'm in Club A so I'm in the shade. The only real downside of the Sunday package is that it is at the bottom of the Season Ticket pecking order. Every post season I'm forced into other seats (normally Club B) as Full, 40 game then Saturday Plan Season Ticket holders are given preference.

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You should get the flex pack. Its the best deal. So look at the prices on the website and cut it in half (if you want the 41 gamer) Then you choose your games. You can only get monday-thurs, but... if you want a fri or sat game you just pay the difference. So its not bad if you get something like fish tank, you just pay an extra 2 dollars for friday or if you want to sit in a better section for a certian game you pay the difference (at season ticket rate)


Thats what we are doing, because we dont always have a set number of people who go to games, it changes


If weekday games are hard to go to then one of those weekend packs would be better for you.

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