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No Way Out


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Since nobody has posted a review yet I guess I will. For a show that had almost no hype at all going into it, the show was a really good show.


The tag title match was entertaining, and I was surprised that they let Eddie and Rey have the belts since they are supposed to face each other at Mania, but a good match anyway.


Booker-Heindereich was just another Heindereich match, I dont know how this guy still has a job, Booker did all he could do to carry him.


Taker-Reigns should have been shorter but it wasnt that bad of a match.


The Diva contest just took up time, and we could have had another match but the ladies were looking so good.


The cruiser weight match was surprisingly good, that was the best that I have ever seen Paul "The Ultimate Worrior" London in a WWE match, and it sets up what should be a good match between himself and Chavo at Mania.


Cena and Angel was the best match on the show, Cena is very over and it should be nuts if they let him win the title at Mania. Angle was great as usual and I can not wait for him and HBK to face each other at Mania, that is going to be a classic.


Big Show-JBL was another match that was vry surprising since it was so good, they both had there crimson mask and the finsh was very surprising and creative. When I saw Show leave the cage I was like WTF then they annonced JBL as the champ and me and bro both at the same time said "he went under the ring".


Overall I think it was a pretty good show and give it a 3.5 out of 5, but now we are officialy on the Road to Wrestlemania and I cant wait until we get there. :D

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You're in the minority. Most people hated the show. To give the cruiserweights 8 minutes with all the rapid-fire eliminations is just insane. REAL matches don't last 15 seconds, so why are guys being eliminated that quickly? They could've cut the 'Taker/Reigns match in half and given it to the c'weights. Better yet, take all the Diva crap out and add that to the match too.


The big complaint about the ME was that the barbed wire wasn't really utilized as much as they hyped it.

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