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2 PICKS for MONDAY night==>


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Baltimore -1 (+100) [bedard/Johnson] $1000 to win $1000

NY Yankees -1 (-150) [Wright/Bell] $1500 to win $1000


Baltimore is really hot with their hitting and they are flying high after sweeping yankees. Letdown against Detroit is unlikely.


Yankees have to win this....their boss is pi$$ed...great value bet here!


Good Luck :thumbup

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no where in my post i mentioned about my service. My post contains only the pick and a little explanation.


And only in my signature i have my site, which is i think accordance with the site rules.


Baseball is my favourite sport and its the best game to make money on by betting...just sharing some good games with the marlins fans. i was never a big fan of marlins until they spanked yankees.....I AM THE BIGGEST YANKEE HATER YOU WILL EVER FIND! but my money is on them today :)


I also have $525 to win 500 on Memphis +5....very good value bet considering the tight play off race, home court advantage and the revenge factor. I got +5 last night in pinnacle, now the line is sitting at +4.


Good Luck.

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I never used cybersportsbook....


I like pinnacle...they are solid for american sports...especially baseball...just compare the baseball moneyline/runline odds of pinnacle and cybersportsbook and you will know what i am talking about...and pinnacly always pays right away when you request withdrawal and i like their high limits.


I use canbet as well....especially for soccer...good lines...but canbet's limits are low...its good if you are a small bettor.


If you are into horses, then they are really good for that 2, you get 7% on all ur horse bets and the wagers are graded minutes after the race....i dont do horses though; my friend does and he was telling me to use pinnacle if i ever get into horses.

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