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Hold a telethon!!!!!!!!

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I can do more than those 2 Cape... i wanna try and play some sort of role in helping them with this.. Im a baseball Fanatic than NEEDS a home team, and that home team will NOT be the Devil Rays.. lol



Well, TW, here's the way I look at it. We're helpless at this point. The future of this thing will, by all indications, be decided by Loria and Penelas, but really Loria. They're done with state funding, so fan input is really at a minimum right now (we can't call our reps voicing our opinion, because they have no say now). It all comes down to how serious Jeffrey Loria is about seeing Miami as the ideal market (he did, essentially, choose Miami over any market that was/is available for relocation because he could have moved the Expos much easier) for baseball. This deal is being hung up by 7% of the overall package, a pittance for the city, county and team. If this falls apart because of that amount, Loria never wanted to stay, and the city and county never really wanted to keep the team.


It sucks knowing that it comes down to this, and that essentially the decision to move or stay has already been made, but if we've come this far as a team, and as a fan-community in South Florida, something has to work out. I mean, how can a team that is so damn lucky on the field continually find a big black storm cloud constantly hovering above it's head off the field? At this point all there is to do is hope and pray, and I'm not even a religious person.

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I don't really expect the Marlins to move, at least not for awhile, but you are wrong about Loria.


He tried to move the Expos to Washington in 2001 but MLB refused to let him get all the profits from doing so (instead MLB blackmailed a completely free stadium out of Washington and will be able to sell the team for a huge profit). When Selig refused, Loria threatened to sue MLB and somehow the whole shady franchise-swap was worked out.


Loria may like Florida, but he likes Washington better.

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The meeting will be held sometime next week... So we'll find out real soon.. There was an article in the Sentinel yesterday on now Diaz vows to keep our Fishlins FL.


I still cant beilive that we're actually comming this close to having to move! A few weeks back it was all about the steam train that we had rolling into the senate after a 90-26 house vote!

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Guest Juanky

be decided by Loria and Penelas, but really Loria.


Not busting your balls or anything, but Penelas is out of office. Carlos Alvarez, the pro-stadium of the candidates, is now in power.

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