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I used to write for a website. I had my own weekly column called f***! Each week, I'd write about something that pissed me off. One week, I wrote an article called Fat Kids Suck. Now, before you go off on me, I have nothing against fat people. Just the fat little kids who are bastards because parents just let them eat and do what ever the hell they want, sitting at home with watching Yu-Gi-Oh with a twinkie in one hand and a Game Boy in the other. Anyhow, to make a long story short, I wrote an ubelievably mean and offensive article about why I don't like fat kids. Keep in mind at the beginning, I did mention I have no problem with fat people once they reach high school because at that point, they've usually matured enough at that point to where they can usually be very cool people. I got death threats from that one. Granted, every article was offensive, and it was meant to be so, but this is the only one I've ever received death threats because of.


At some point, the website crashed and everything was lost. But people were coming up to me on the street and were all like "Hey, aren't you the f***! guy? When's the site coming back, I missed that stuff. You're articles were the best."


I miss it too.

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