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What you didn't see on RAW

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Dark Match:


*Steven Richards pinned Tough Enough III winner Matt Cappotelli.


Partial Sunday Night Heat Results:


*Val Venis pinned ROH star CM Punk.


*William Regal defeated Heartthrob Antonio by disqualification.


Post RAW:


Muhammad Hassan w/Daivari came out and Muhammad said he's sick of being

ignored and he wanted a match right now. Eric Bischoff came out and said

that Hassan will get a match tonight and will be a handicap match with

Daivari vs. Bastista. HUGE pop of course. It was a quick match with

Batista doing a bunch of power moves and of course Hassan left Daviari

hanging and Batista gave Daviari a Batisa bomb for the pin.


After the match Batista stuck around for 10 minutes talking to fans,

flirting with girls and having a good time. It was hilarious because after

the match, Batista kept asking Fit Finley at ringside to come in the ring so

they could wrestle. Fit kept laughing and saying no. Batista kept opening

the ropes and inviting him in. It went on a while with Fit just laughing.




Overall a good show with a great performance by Shawn Michaels in the main

event. There were chants for Matt Hardy anytime Edge or Lite were there.

The stuff with Viscera and the nachos actually got over very well with the

live crowd. Shawn Michael's ring jacket got caught on the ramp when he was

posing with the pyro. Shawn was laughing it off and I guess the referee was

busting his balls so then Shawn told Fit Finley to go get the jacket

back...and Fit went to tell the ring worker who was pulling the jacket from

the ramp to bring it back but the guy couldn't hear him and Fit was

SCREAMING but I guess whatever Shawn wanted to do with it was all for not.



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