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Yesterday on my way home from work, I decided to drop by a local video game store that had a wide variety of old games, including some rare finds for the Nintendo and SNES, such as Dragon Warrior, FF2 and FF3, a couple of the Ninja Gaidens, and many others. This wasn't a mainstream place, but nevertheless cool to drop by and look around a bit.


While I was talking with the clerk, who was a pretty cool guy, this kid walks in. From the looks of him, I would guess that he was probably a freshman in high school. It wasn't a major shock that he went straight to the XBox section, not that it's a bad thing. It might be the only system he owns, who knows. However, what happened next just made me want to smack the kid across the face.


In the glass case up front was two full sections of nothing but NES and SNES games, and a pretty decent selection in general, not just rare games. The kid points at the NES games, looks at the clerk, and says the following words:


"What are those?"


The clerk stared at him for a second, then turned to me. After getting over the initial shock, I simply said "They're Nintendo games, and the only reason I haven't hit you is because it's illegal for me to do so." (Myself, being a week away from 24, would no doubt spend at least a night in jail)


The kid looked ridiculously confused, then said this:


"I thought they came in those gay little discs?"


The clerk walked up to the case and explained to him that some of those games had been made before he was born, in all likelihood. Ironically enough, the clerk and I were having a discussion about how some young gamers are graphics whores nowadays and gameplay sometimes just doesn't matter. If it looks good, they'll buy it.


The kid then has what seems to be a moment of clarity, maybe like he had seen a stillshot of one game in a magazine. "Man, those games looked like crap! XBox owns all of them!"


The clerk then promptly told him to get out of his store, explaining to him on his way out that, back in those days, gameplay was a huge thing, which is what made the older systems so enjoyable...and why people still play them today.


I can't make this up if I wanted to.



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