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Lowell from All star break 2004 to now?

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Isn't it like 7 hr's 40 Ribs and a .245 average or something like that.Anyone have the exact totals?

I am surprised that all I read about his how he is having a slump at the start of this year and that we should have patience, which I don't necc. disagree about.I love Lowell...he is probably the best fielding 3b behind Scott Rolen or maybe even as good as Rolen.He is also incredibly fun to watch when he does have his bat going.

But I am surprised no one's mentioned that his slump has now gone on about a half a season now, which I am not angry at him about, but I am more very concerned about.


Anyone have any input about what do you think he needs to have done to get out of the slump?

I think a trip down to the minors if this continues another month. For now, an occasional benching (like on this road trip )would do his mind good to clear his head. He is pressing waaaaaaaaaay to much at the plate right now, which we all can see.



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I found the stats, thanks!



Mike Lowell at the allstar break 2004:


20 hrs 50 rbi .305 331 ab's



Post All star break (2004 to May 2005)



2004 post allstar: 7 hrs 30 rbi .277 267 ab's


2005: 2 hrs 12 rbi .179 117 ab's


Totals from July 2004 to May 2005: 9 hrs 42 rbi .230


Staggering!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(


Come on Mikey, you are no Giambi! Although I am pulling for Jason to come out of it too despite his problems being totally unrelated to Mike's.



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