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RAW 6/6


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Great opening segment. Cena's rap was awesome- he and Christian played their parts perfectly. Part of me thought Jericho would attack though....The 2 on 1 was slow, but it was a good match, I thought....I guess that breaks up the Tajiri/Regal TT....Austin next week? That could be interesting....


Too bad Venis can't get a decent push (or a decent gimmick)- he can still do it in the ring....I can't believe "contract signings" are still done- they're so cheesy....The six person tag, ironically, seemed the best when the women were in there- Christy may not be the best wrestler, but it seems she's willing to learn and (of course) shows great fire....


The Kane/Edge/Lita stuff I'm not digging....These hardcore matches are good once in a while, but overkill is what killed that division....REAL interesting main event angle, but I'm still not sure this is the way to go to promote the PPV.

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I have to say that the Cena pick really surprised me, and I am hoping that they let Cena and Christian have a nice run they would cut some great promos on each other, they just have to figure out what to do with the WWE title. The matches tonight were ok but it was all made up for in the end. I have to admit that I marked out when I saw all of those ECW guys, especially when Dreamer hit the ring and threw out the arms, I think tonight was one of the best Raws in a long time and they have got me anticipating ONS even more, Sunday is going to be great. E C Dub E C Dub E C Dub E C Dub E C Dub

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