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The following is from RobVanDam.com, the official website of RVD:


Wednesday, June 08

From RVD......


JUNE 8 -- Here's what happened. I said "Have you ever thought of doing an ECW pay per view?"


He said "No, I've never thought about that," and gave me his ear. I told Vince "Dude, it would be huge! Just the guys that were actually in ECW, wrestling totally ECW style for one night!?


?We're the toughest guys you have in your locker room, you don't need to worry about anyone getting hurt. We don't need storylines. You don't even have to turn all the lights on in the building, it's not about that. Just one night only. All ECW!"


Vince told me he liked my idea. I'm not going to tell you exactly what he said because, come on, don't you think this is sticking my head out enough for you?


Paul Heyman calls later and tells me that Vince in VERY interested. "Holy s***" I thought. This could become a reality.


Next, I gave the boss man a list of every ECW alumni that was currently on his roster, and started asking all my former ECW peers what they thought about the idea.


Not everybody believed it would really happen but, as the excitement arose, I knew in my heart this could be one of the biggest pay per views of all year. ECW! ECW! ECW!


During interviews, I'm asked what I think about Shane Douglas doing an "ECW " show before ours. I think it's great. The ECW spirit lives in a lot of us, and should be represented for us ECW wrestlers, for the fans, and the whole f'n industry.


June 12th is the date. ECW ?One Night Stand? is going to be historical. You fans made the ECW dvd sales shoot through the roof, and that opened a lot of avenues.


Fans tell me they are afraid of what WWE is going to do with ECW. They tell me they don't want to see the Raw and Smackdown guys at the pay per view. I know, everybody, I know. They don't deserve the credit for drawing this pay per view's success and it sucks that they are even going to be part of a show that they had nothing to do with. Had I not taken a minute off for my knee, I would've fought like hell to prevent this. Nonetheless, we all know what the excitement is about.

Truth be told, those wrestlers are thankful that we brought forth the hardcore matches and the tables, ladders and chairs kind of matches. They will be, even if they keep it quiet in their minds, along with all of us, cheering ECW! ECW! ECW!


A family reunion and a hardcore demonstration of the truly-missed, best showcasing of the most extreme athletes ever.


I can't f***ing wait!



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