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Just back For This

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No Am Not Back Just Here To Clear Something Out With The Veterans Here

If You Chack Out The Neighbors Section Of The Miami Herald Today Page23 There Is An Article There That Talks About Kids That Were Scouted This Weekend And They Interviewd Me And It Comes Out There It Also Talks About Me When I Played On Team U.S.A..............Nice To Write Here Again Hope All Are Doing Well

I Do Stop BY Once In A While But Dont Post


Ok Well Am Gone Again

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Nevermind .. found it


Posted on Thu, Jun. 09, 2005



Baseball players show off skills to college scouts

At the Team USA-Miami Showcase last weekend, players, coaches and parents shared a common love for America's favorite pastime -- baseball.


[email protected]


Last Sunday morning, about 40 eager high school and college baseball players gathered around coach Ralph Nicolas Sr. With half wearing red and the others donning blue, the players formed a circle as Nicolas told them what baseball and college could do for them. Then, after a short prayer, the group divided to work on skills.


Rain already had canceled the practice game Saturday, and the second day of the two-day Team USA-Miami Showcase was under a similar threat. The twice yearly showcase connects high school and first-year college players with college coaches and recruiters.


With the schedule for the day adjusted and readjusted as the weather changed, the question loomed: Would they get to play and show a natural talent for the game?


''You know how people are street smart? People are also baseball smart,'' said Cesar Ronda, who helped evaluate players. A former Team-USA participant himself, Ronda worked with the pitchers. ``A smart baseball player knows what he is going to do before the play even happens.''


Baseball smarts sometimes is a gift, and sometimes is learned from experience.


''It is just something I've been doing my whole life,'' said Danny Pacheco, 15, of Hialeah. He had been playing baseball for 12 years. He is also a rising junior who was just beginning his college search.


''Baseball isn't everything, [but] it is our dream,'' Ronda said. ``[Nicolas] wants to get kids into school so they can play their baseball and get their education.''


The players came from schools from all across Miami-Dade and Broward counties, and a few from as far as New York and the Dominican Republic. Standing in line waiting their turn to work with the showcase staff, the kids compared schools, fields and practice regimens.


After an hour or so of instruction, the teams waited in the dugouts to see whether the weather would allow them to play. Their biggest fans sat in the stands: their families. Armed with umbrellas to brave the intermittent showers, parents watched as years of practices and games came together.


''To be good, they've got to make sacrifices and for a kid to do this, they've got to love it,'' said Pedro Ramis of Hialeah. His son, Derek, plays catcher and is going to be a senior next year.


''My son had a tough senior year and went below the radar, I wasn't familiar with the baseball way of doing things,'' said Carlos Garcia III, whose eldest son found a college to play with through the showcase and whose younger son is in the process of finding a school now. ``I got in touch [with Nicolas], saw a genuine interest. Now I promote him everywhere I can.''


Garcia's company, Port of Miami Terminal Operating Company at 1007 N. America Way, helped support the event with a donation.

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Guest Moneyball

Still doesn't explain why he fradulently represented himself in his infamous "this is me" picture.




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