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Tonight's Raw


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Hogan on the Cabana was kept surprisingly short. He seems like a nutjob father, but I'll be tuning in Sunday night....Edge/Snitsky and Kane/Show was good- everybody kept their heat, except for Snitsky, but he sucked anyway....The Heartthrobs/Viscera was pretty dumb- I thought that angle would've ended at Vengeance- unless Lillian gets together with Mark Henry....


Kerwin White? Jesus. The way he was dressed, I hope he starts hanging out with the Mean Street Posse....Nice of WWE to put out a PSA in the middle of their show....Boy, Jericho is really hanging onto that "First ever undisputed champion" moniker, isn't he? What have you done for me lately?....The less said about the Diva Search, the better. Slaughter didn't even get to punch Coach, which disappointed me....Dupree can't even beat Venis clean?....Michaels turns heel? That makes NO sense. Does this mean Hogan will be brought back again?

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