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Wardrobe "Malfunction"


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Mick Foley will be signing copies of "Scooter" on August 30th at the Lincoln Center Barnes & Noble in New York City at 7 PM. He'll also be making other trips around the US including Chapter 11 Books in Marietta, Georgia and Barnes & Noble in Santa Monica, California..


WWE Smackdown! will be taped on August 2nd in Bridgeport, CT.


In addition to the video's on each RAW diva contestant doing the obstacle course, WWE.com has added 'confession' video's from each girl with the caption "Also, find out what the girls thought of the competition with these Diva Confessionals.". In case you're wondering, Leyla does talk about her wardrobe malfunction in her video.



The word backstage at RAW was that the Leyla slip was planned and she had talked

with WWE management before putting the red pasties over her chest.


Road Warrior Animal and John Heidenreich will be tonight's guests on WWE Byte This.


TSN is running a diva search contest at www.tsn.ca/contests/divasearch/, where all you have to do is watch RAW every week and identify the Diva contestant. For example, this week's question, "Is who is a real diva in this year's RAW diva search?" The options are: Winter, Gina, Summer, Pam.




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