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Looking for Marlins Ticket Stubs

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Guys I need your help Please if anybody has ticket stubs from 2003-2004-2005 let me know I am trying to collect them. Email me at [email protected] Since this is the #1 Marlins Fans hang out I thought I would ask around here.



7/1/03 VS. ATL

7/1/03 VS. ATL

7/28/03 VS. AZ

8/14/03 VS. LA

8/15/03 VS. SD

9/13/03 VS. ATL

4/7/04 VS. MON

4/10/04 VS. PHI

4/11/04 VS. PHI

5/8/04 VS. SD

5/9/04 VS. SD

5/23/04 VS. AZ

5/30/04 VS. NYM

6/15/04 VS. CHI

7/4/04 VS. TB

7/26/04 VS. PHI

8/29/04 VS. COL

9/7/04 VS. NYM

9/14/04 VS. MON

9/23/04 VS. PHI

4/8/05 VS. WASH

4/8/05 VS. WASH

4/12/05 VS. PHI

5/9/05 VS. HOU

5/23/05 VS. PHI

6/27/05 VS. ATL

6/30/05 VS. ATL



These are some games that I need please let me know if you have any of these.


Also why are the Marlins having such a tough time this season. They are like the Yankees of the National League all this talent and nothing to show for it.

Without the Price Tag of course!


I am from Fort Worth,Texas but we need more fan support at the games. I watch MLB TV and see nobody there. Whats up with that?


I really dont thing this National's crap is going to last that much longer. We need to stay behind the Marlins and watch them make a great comeback for the National League East.


Marlins #1

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Accord did you ever get a chance to make that Cabs video??!?!





I was going to, but I had an impossible time finding individual videos of Cabs to use in it. Do you know where I can find a bunch of Cabrera video clips?

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