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Wilson to Nats


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Found this on thesportingnews.com



Nationals to trade for Rockies OF Wilson

Posted: July 8, 2005


The Rockies have agreed to trade outfielder Preston Wilson to the Nationals for righthanded pitcher Zach Day and Class AAA outfielder J.J. Davis, the Sporting News has learned.


Before the deal can be completed, the two clubs must agree on how much the Nationals will pay on what remains of Wilson's $12.5 million salary. Also, Wilson must OK the deal because the Nationals are one of five teams to which he can reject a trade.


The Cubs, thought to be the frontrunner for Wilson, could re-enter the picture if the Nationals and Rockies can't work out the particulars.


The Cubs called up Class AA outfielders Adam Greenberg and Matt Murton Thursday after they sent Corey Patterson and Jason Dubois to Class AAA Iowa.


Senior writer Ken Rosenthal covers baseball for Sporting News. Email him at [email protected]

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I agree, but it gives them that middle of the order guy that they have been so desperately searching for. i just think its time that we did something to counter it if and when it goes through.


On another note... I'm even more amazed MLB would allow the increase in the Nats budget. I mean PW isn't exactly cheap... good for washington, those poor players deserve something good... I just wish it was during a year in which they sucked...

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Bowden strikes again


Day was their last piece of rich pitching depth.

Wilson bumps arguably their 3rd best hitter this year and 5th in true talent (Ryan Church) to the bench.



I agree, the Rockies made out well in this one, and I think the Nats actually weakened themselves...

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I dont think any deal that helps taking playing time away from Church helps the Nats.



Plus, it actually takes away a potent left handed bat from the lineup (Church), which is odd considering 3 teams in our division are trying to add one...

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Glad to see I'm not the only one who sees that trade this way.


Church > Wilson. Why make the move?


Day is a good 3rd-4th starter who has been in the Bowden/Frank doghouse all year. He's also a couple years away from FA while Wilson is one after the year


The Nats have 2 starters (Armas and Patterson) who are serious injury risks. They lose one and they are forced to start Sunny Kim instead of Day. They lose both and...well, I can't even think of another potential starter. Ohka is gone. Rauch is injured. Hinckley has regressed.

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Ya know... after looking at the stats a little bit I can sort of understand why the Nats did this (or r going to do) trade. Look at the Nats last 10 games...













Yeah they won most of those games but they are not exactly scoring a lot of runs! I just checked the stats at ESPN and the Nats are dead last in runs scored with 345 and 2nd last in HRs 63. So through 80 whatever games they are scoring 4.05 per game and giving up 3.88 Runs per game. I means thats a little close, they need to score some runs, so I don't blame them for getting Wilson. I actually think this is a pretty good idea now after looking over the stats. I agree losing Church to the bench would be bad would be bad but they really need to do something.


BTW, Day is worthless, the Nats are 27-11 since he stopped pitching, he has no control of the strike zone whatsoever and Coors will destroy him.


The Nats really did do better then I thought... but only if he actually produces away from Coors...

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The fact that they were looking for a bat is not a surprise. The fact that Bowden was looking for an established toolsy outfielder is not a surprise. The fact that Bowden would give up pitching depth in the trade is not a surprise. The fact that Bowden would ignore that the offensive problems are largely on the head of his boys Guzman and Castilla is not a surprise.


Day is a much better pitcher than his defenders and relationship with Frank Robinson has allowed. JJ Davis is a toolsy outfielder which would attract a lot of major league GMs.

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