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Guys, I have a question. I was on my PC and I was changing the dimensions and all of the sudden some floating box came on and said "Sync. Out of Range". This has happened before, but usually I just click something and it'll come off. Well, I restarted, turned it off, and nothing. It keeps coming back on.


Any one know what I can do to fix it?? I had to get on my lap top cause it wont get off the screen :confused

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Sync Out of Range


You will see this on an otherwise blank screen. Assuming that the data cable is plugged in correctly, the video card is feeding the monitor a signal stream in excess of what the monitor can accommodate. The two main causes for this are that the user has set either the resolution or the vertical frequency rate too high. For example, you might set a new graphics card to display at 1280 x 1024, but if the monitor is only capable of 1024 x 768 resolution, you?ll get a Sync Out of Range error. This is especially common in 14-inch monitors.



Because you obviously can?t make settings changes from within regular Windows, you?ll need to reboot into Windows Safe Mode. When you restart the system, there is a point during boot up when the system switches from reporting diagnostics and detected components to loading Windows. This point is usually accompanied by a beep and the screen going black. Just before this point, you want to start repeatedly hitting the F8 key. This should bring up a menu of Windows boot options. The one you want to pick is Safe Mode.


From Safe Mode, right-click the Desktop and select Properties. Go to the Settings tab and use the slider to drop your resolution a notch or two. Reboot and let Windows try to go into Normal mode. If this still doesn?t work, go back into Safe Mode and get to the Settings tab of Display Properties. Click the Advanced button, go to the Monitor tab, and check your refresh rate. The lowest advisable rate is usually 60Hz, although this works better for LCD (liquid-crystal display) screens than CRTs (cathode ray tubes). Apply the change and reboot.



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